Online Giving


Welcome to the Northside Church of Christ Online-Giving page. If you click the Online-Giving button you will be able to sign into My Northside and go straight to online giving.

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At Northside, we believe the Bible has the best instructions about how to handle your money. With
over 2,000 verses on the subject of money & finances, we believe the subject is close to God’s heart and
ours. For where our treasure is, there are our hearts as well.

When we apply God’s principles to our spending, saving, and giving, we’ll find immeasurable blessing &
incredible financial peace. We encourage you to be prayerful & thoughtful about what you give.
Let your giving be done with a cheerful heart that it may bless others as God has blessed

So, whether you are a recurring giver, or you would just like to give a one-time gift, this page should
make it easy for you.