New Members

farmerJustin & Misty Farmer live in Halstead. He was born in Newton, raised in Halstead, and studied construction science at K-State. She was born in Princeton, IL, and raised in Tennessee and Missouri. Justin is a sales rep for Ark Valley Roofing and has been in that line of work since 2003. He enjoys playing golf and watching college sports. He’s the nephew of Northside members Sam & Brenda Farmer and, of course, the cousin of their daughters Tricia Weber, Lori Dunham, and Jessica Buchannan. Misty managed specialty retail clothing stores for 15 years, cleaned houses for four years, and now is a stay-at-home mom. Her hobbies include Bible journaling with Tricia and doing crafty things like refinishing furniture and redecorating. The Farmers have two boys. Mason (13) is in 8th grade at Halstead Middle School. He enjoys playing golf and computer games. Grady (9) is in 4th grade at Halstead Middle School and likes basketball, golf, kickball, video games, and playing with Legos. Misty and Grady were baptized at Northside in October and Mason was baptized in November.

jacksonDavid & Cheryl Jackson moved to Kechi in October from Seattle. He was born and raised there, and except for one year in Alaska, has lived there his whole life. David has been a computer programmer since 1980 and has worked for several international   companies. He also worked with his uncle in Sitka, Alaska, doing commercial salmon fishing for a year. David currently does volunteer work designing websites for dog training businesses and is looking for employment in Wichita. He enjoys hunting deer and elk. Cheryl was born in Montana, raised in Colorado, Alaska, and Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in computer programming. She served in the Washington Air National Guard for 26 years, playing trombone in their military band. Cheryl has worked for American Ag Credit for six years and was transferred to Wichita with her job. The couple was married in 1998 and they have no children. They both enjoy doing obedience and agility training for dogs and taking them to competitions. They have two Belgian Shepherds named Colt and Cavu.

smithDoug & Diana Smith were born and raised in Wichita and graduated from South High School. They met at a Church of Christ roller skating party, were married in 1973, and now live in the country outside of Udall. Since 1975 Doug has worked in the aircraft industry doing CMM (computerized measuring machine) operations, currently for Spirit Aerosystems. He learned to run a lathe when he was just in second grade and has enjoyed doing detailed work as a career and as a hobby his whole life. Doug’s dad started making 18-string guitars in 1965, and Doug began helping him two years later. They stopped producing the instruments in 1982, but Doug is thinking seriously about starting the business again with their son, Tim. Doug has also enjoyed restoring cars, and he and Tim used to buy houses, fix them up, and resell them. The Smiths have two children: Northside member Christy Levering, born in 1977, and Tim, born in 1981. Before the kids were in school Diana was a stay-at-home mom, but later she worked at various office, accounting, and school jobs. Since 2004 she has worked for Preferred Chiropractic Care. Diana likes to bake and spend time outdoors gardening, hunting, and watching deer on their property. The Smiths have several good friends at Northside as well as a couple of grandchildren, Tyler and Grace, who are glad they are here.